Our Services

  • If you don't have entire hour to workout, 30 mins is an great opinion.

    30 min

  • Workout from your own home through Zoom video connection.

    1 hr

  • The best way to learn Pilates is through private courses.

    3 hr

  • We can work with you from Skype or Zoom NOW with special rate.

    5 hr

  • We can guide you from home to home through Skype or Zoom.

    1 hr

  • We can guide your training virtually. Please contact us to schedule.

    1 hr

  • Complete Pilates workout plus stretching and body conditioning.

    1 hr

  • Breathing, core working and stretching to begin a week!

  • A more intensive Pilates workout. You definitely feel it the next day!

    Other opinions too
  • Morning warm up, toning and core training!

  • To stretch and workout gently in a supportive environment.

  • A deep core workout plus toning and stretching.

  • To move mindfully, generate Qi and gain positive and peaceful energy!

  • Entraînement à la méditation bouddhiste Vipassana

    Donation based class
  • Excellent toning on legs and buttocks without adding pressure to knees

    Drop-in or Plans
  • A real challenging class for toning and cardio!

  • To work on powerhouse and help people to release some chronic pain.


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